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Checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW series is an advanced weighing instrument which guarantees failure free and stable operation. DWT/HL/HPW is intended to conduct 100 % control of manufactured products. Application of metal detectors enables testing the products for contamination with metal particles.
Checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW series provides full control over goods and it is compatible with HACCP regulations applied in multiple manufacturing plants.

The control system is based on Windows Embedded OS and database module operating with application of SQL Server.
Checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW series is dedicated to those customers who require high speed of operation and very good reliability. Flexible design of the device, and possibility of adjusting it to individual requirements, make the DWT/HL/HPW series applicable in multiple areas. Industrial computer implemented into the system is designed for operation in hard industrial conditions. Special version of Windows software creates a very stable set with very good operational parameters. Graphic touch screen display provides user friendly and intuitive operation and has already been appreciated by operating personnel.

Checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW series is designed for control of single loads with mass up to 7,5kg. Scale software allows for control accordant with either internal procedures of the customer or the regulation on Control of Prepacked Goods. The checkweigher is attested by National Institute for Hygiene and it is compatible with HACCP standard.

Main applications:
· agri-food industry
· chemical industry
· pharmaceutical industry
· meat industry
· fish industry


  • Control according to CPG regulation,
  • Control of goods according to internal customer criteria,
  • Acquiring data on weighed goods,
  • Definable access levels for scale operators,
  • Discrimination of defective goods by weight,
  • Discrimination of metal contaminated goods,
  • Extended statistics run in real time,
  • Build in line performance meter,
  • Reports generated automatically in accordance with the weighing mode,
  • Export of reports to PDF files,
  • Cooperation with other devices in a technological line,
  • Remote control over the scale,
  • Adjustable velocity setting,
  • Autocontrol,
  • Cooperation with computer software.

Cooperation with peripheral devices
Checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW series is prepared to cooperate with peripheral devices, and devices from a technological line in which the checkweigher is installed. I/O set provides multiple configurations of the checkweigher with an existing technological line.

  • Cooperation with dosing device with feedback,
  • Cooperation with a barcode scanner,
  • Printouts on thermal, ink jet and label printers,
  • Control over conveyors on a technological line,
  • Remote control,
  • Keeping records from weighing on a computer.

Manufacturing options:

  • Separate discriminator set for “goods defective by weight” and “metal contaminated” goods,
  • Discriminator set in a form of lifting conveyor,
  • Sounder and/or Warning tower lights,
  • Cooperation with a dosing device with feedback,
  • Cooperation with printers and label printers,
  • Two USB ports,
  • Profibus interface support,
  • Weighing record applications.

Basic technical data:

  • Windows Embedded industrial system,
  • Industrial computer dedicated for operation in hard industrial conditions,
  • Graphic touch screen display,
  • 80 GB of data storage memory,
  • SQL Server database system,
  • Ports: RS232, USB and Profibus,
  • Ethernet,
  • Informative-control outputs control,
  • IP55 or IP65,
  • Metal detector.
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